South Cobb Drive, State Route 280 (SR 280), is an important regional corridor providing direct street connectivity between I-75 and I-285.

It also plays a significant role for accessibility within the City of Smyrna by providing a major north-south connection between the major east-west roadways of Windy Hill Road and Concord Road. South Cobb Drive has served primarily as a transportation corridor while also providing a variety of commercial, retail, and office options for local citizens and commuters. However, this important section of South Cobb Drive has the potential to be transformed into a dynamic corridor with a viable mixture of retail, residential and office uses while maintaining its’ traditional transportation function.

The quality of life focus that was identified as major goal in the original 2003 Smyrna Town Center Livable Initiatives Center Study, can continue to be achieved by planning for and promoting sensitive and sustainable development and redevelopment along this important corridor.

The primary focus for circulation around South Cobb Drive has been auto-centric in nature. However, as the City of Smyrna’s population has been growing and more residents want alternatives to driving for local trips, the City of Smyrna has initiated a Corridor Improvement Study. A primary objective is to develop concepts for improving South Cobb Drive between Concord Road and Windy Hill Road that provide safe and efficient travel options for all users. As a primarily vehicular corridor, alternative concepts will be developed that maintain efficient traffic operations while making travel safer. Also, opportunities to promote walking and bicycling along and to the corridor will be developed. As the Cobb LINC Route #20 bus line operates on South Cobb Drive, enhancing transit service and utilization will be another objective of the Corridor Improvement Study.

Transportation improvements for all users along South Cobb Drive will have an influencing effect on stimulating redevelopment.

The corridor improvement concepts will also explore opportunities for landscaping, streetscape, and other elements to enhance the sense of place of South Cobb Drive, for positive economic impact. With the ultimate improvement plans focused on benefiting the citizens of Smyrna, the public will be engaged throughout the process, providing opportunity to contribute thoughts and ideas. Citizen comment opportunities will range from completing comment forms to attending public meeting open houses.

At the conclusion of the study, a preferred alternative will be identified. With subsequent funding sources identified, Smyrna will be in a position to move forward with pursuing preliminary engineering to design the improvements.

Mission Statement

The South Cobb Drive Study recognizes the regional and local importance of the South Cobb Drive corridor. The primary goal of the study is to formulate, in cooperation with our state and local stakeholders, multi-modal transportation concepts, proposals, recommendations and projects that address issues related to safety, connectivity and capacity. Additionally, the study will develop land use concepts, proposals and recommendations to help encourage commercial, retail, office and residential development and redevelopment along the corridor and will formulate a complementary infrastructure and landscape improvement plan that will improve the corridor aesthetics and enhance the quality of life of the adjoining residential neighborhoods.

Vision Statement

The South Cobb Drive Study will be a guide that serves as the basis of a multi-faceted strategy that addresses  transportation, land use, economic development and quality of life issues along the corridor.